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Key Hotel Design Trends 2015 – Sustainability continues to drive thinking

“Creative recycling is encouraged and raw materials gearing towards sustainability are preferred” – Jenny Weiss of Hill House Interiors

The hospitality industry is still exploring on how to further reduce their carbon footprints – a focus on sustainability, reducing emissions and conservation of energy continues to be an active task of hotels. Automatic shut off lights to save energy and embracing the use of natural lighting are some of the key drivers to improving hotel environment and efficiency.

Hoteliers are renewing their commitment to global responsibility towards climate change and flagging this commitment to guests wherever they can.. Salvaged materials are also appearing more and more in hotels interiors with reclaimed wood, metal and stone playing a major role. Blurring the indoors and outdoors with large windows, natural lighting and beautiful, botanical bedroom decor in combination with sustainable recyclable materials is a major hotel design theme in 2015.

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