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Summer Nights – Help your guests get a great night’s sleep on hot summer nights

With summer comes the holiday boom – beaches are filled with sun seekers, the city’s shopping destinations are bustling and all of these holidaymakers look forward to resting back at their hotel room after a long, hot day. With this, comes the struggle to sleep on a hot summer night; the long drawn-out days means light seeps in until the late evening and the noise of those outside can turn a happy traveller into a disheartened one.

Sleeping in the blistering heat can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, even when you’re in a familiar environment surrounded by your home comforts, so imagine how difficult it must be for guests when feeling flustered in a new surrounding. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring our top tips to help ensure your guests sleep soundly and keep cool during the summer nights. So to start…

Tip 1 – Place individually packaged disposable damp towelettes on a bedside table, or better yet, in the room’s mini fridge to allow guests to cool down after their journey to the hotel.

Posted: 29/04/15

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